Meredith is a self-taught astrologer, student of the universe and lover of the natural world.  Her experience of the conscious universe has been shaped by numerous individuals, life experiences, wisdom traditions and practices.  A natural curiosity and quest for awakening has led her to distant places of the planet, into the mystical spaces of life, and onto the path of professional work with the physical and subtle human body systems.

Meredith attended the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, CO where she studied chi kung, Chinese Medicine, and various Eastern and Western massage and healing practices.  She completed an advanced healing and energy psychotherapy certification program at the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, focusing on methods for working with the defense system and healing trauma and attachment issues.  Her knowledge of the subtle body has also been greatly informed by yogic traditions which use mantra, asana and breath to connect with the whole from within.

Her credentials include:

Certified Massage Therapist

Level II Reiki Certification

IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Certified Mind Energy Body Coach

Her work has been influenced especially by those who understand the myth, metaphor and polarity inherent in the world, those that see the interwoven connections between light and shadow, and especially by teachers who have embraced and walked the path of feminine wisdom and embodiment.