why astrology?

The practice of astrology brings us our own personal mythos.  By understanding the universe around the world we live in and discovering one's uniques relationship to the cosmos, we learn that life is filled with synchronicity.

The motions of the planets along with our relationship to their archetypal nature leads us to  discover ourselves, our connection to one another and to the larger universe.  Here we find the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious and the understanding of how our life experiences -our pain, our successes, our endings and our beginnings - are all part of the spanda, the sacred tremor that creates the universe.

want to know what's happening

in the stars right now?


Pricing:  $120 for initial consultation (includes analysis of natal chart, transits and progressions).  Follow-up sessions are $90.

Please contact Meredith for further information and scheduling.

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