Spanda Body Massage Program

massage therapy

for healing

& awakening

Many layers of subtlety exist in the wholeness of all that we are. Contained within the vastness of our being is the auric field, the chakra system, our mental and emotional bodies, the soul, the spirit, and the totality of the psyche. But out of all the different dimensions of our being it is the physical body which exists in the densest reality. And it needs special care!

Our BODY takes on a lot, including many of our unconscious beliefs, habituated defenses and daily stresses. And the more we treat our bodies with love and care, the more we grow, heal, and embody our wholeness.

The body has its own language and it is always speaking to us, conveying messages from our soul, expressing to us where we are alive and where we are stuck. The body is an incredible source of wisdom, offering us a great deal of useful information about our health, our uniqueness, and  our unconscious experience. Through the nurturing experience of massage therapy, loving attention can be brought to our physicality, to feeling and sensation, and, from here, we can learn to listen to the unique language used by our body to communicate to us.

I describe my work as flowing and intuitive, a connection to consciousness and expression found in the body.

I have been trained in Eastern and Western modalities which emphasize the importance and integration of the physical and energetic experience. Generally, my massage sessions contain work with the meridians, the chakras, and physical tissues through a combination of Swedish strokes, deep tissue work, Reiki, shiatsu, and other acupressure techniques.

I believe in listening to my clients, in holding space for emotional experiences that are asking to be held, and in meeting the body with love and gentleness. In my sessions, I use botanical and vibrational supports in the form of essential oils and flower essences. Above all, I aim to provide a caring and nurturing space for healing to unfold.

I offer 75 and 90 minute massage sessions. Regular rates are $100 for 75 minutes and $125 for a 90 minutes treatments. I also offer great discounts on package deals for 3 or more sessions.

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