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The practice of energy body arts is where subtle body healing meets life coaching. It's bodywork with a psychotherapeutic framework. It's a spiritual and soulful journey that meets the experience of being human.

Because we are working with the physical body, the energy field, and the processes of the mind, this is highly integrated and advanced work for those who are ready to take control of their own healing process.

This work is highly creative, offering the opportunity to discover the unique subtle experience of self and is unique to each person. This is why it is called energy body arts. It's the art of going into your own system, your own being and creating your life.

Energy Body Arts offers:

•a greater understanding of your subtle body system

•expanded intuitive abilities

•deep healing for the mind and body

•release of unhealthy attachments, negative beliefs, stress and pain

•loving touch and support

•connection to the subtle vibrations and blissful sensations in your body

•expansion of personal power, self-knowledge and aliveness

The sacred vibration of the universe is all around and inside each of us, but our defenses, emotional distortions and energetic blockages prevent us from feeling and expressing this fully. Everything is ENERGY. With love, practice and support we can learn to tune into the greater reality of who we are and find increased capacity for self-love, self-expression and creativity.

While defenses and limiting beliefs cause pain and disharmony in our lives, they are also the doorway to truly seeing and understanding ourselves. As we bring awareness to our unconscious patterns we begin to more fully realize the journey of our lives, the complexity of our embodiment and how much choice we have in creating our reality.

While every Energy Body Arts session is unique, you can expect to receive hands-on healing, some meditation instruction, and breath and body work during each hour-long session.


This work is a process that takes time and it is recommended in a series of 6 or more sessions. Single sessions are available for $90 and a series of 6 sessions is offered at the discounted rate of $480.  

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