Spanda Body Massage Program

Massage supports us in releasing pain, moving stuck energy and finding the bliss of being in the body.

This is where we access our spanda body!

Regular bodywork keeps us healthy and facilitates a deeper connection to the body where the relationship between the physical and the emotional becomes clear.  

Meredith has trained in Eastern and Western modalities emphasizing integration of physical and energetic bodies.  She works with the meridians, chakras, and physical tissues through Swedish strokes, deep tissue work, Reiki, shiatsu and other acupressure techniques.  Learn more about Meredith, her philosophy and training here.

Massage sessions are offered in 75 and 90 minutes.  Regular rates are $100 for 75 minutes treatments and $125 for an hour and a half.  Great discounts are available when you sign on for 3 or more sessions!

beautiful office located in South Boulder!

deep healing for a happy mind, body & soul