Hi, I'm Meredith, your celestial messenger and subtle body whisperer.

My own life's journey has been - like spanda herself - a pulse of contraction and expansion.

My embodiment has been through a variety of mudras, a range of activity and stillness, cocooning and blossoming. Some of it has been graceful and much of it has been messy. It is in this range of experience that I have been able to come into contact with what lies beneath the surface and to meet the subtle experiences of the body and the processes of others.  

The work I do here has been informed by practices and teachers who I am eternally grateful for. Especially, the incredible and esoteric Crestone Healing Arts Center, the lineage and practice of Kundalini Yoga, as well as unnamed wisdom teachers of private traditions. Before knowing these teachers it was the vibrant individuals and cultures of foreign lands that awakened me to things not taught in the west.

The work that I do, my commitment to the body, to loving embodiment, and to the stars, is currently my deepest bow to life, to feminine wisdom, and to the subtle realities of existence.

Work at Spanda: to honor the cycles, the wisdom of how we grow, contract, receive, give

non-linear, feminine

Cycles of the Earth, the body, and the cosmos. Wisdom in the cycles, in the traditions which recognize and honor this. Chinese system - bodywork (training), meridians...Yogic tradition of the chakras. Western astrology.

down and in as well as expansions

When we recognize cycles, external forces we can balance and harmonize and from there better remain in touch with ourselves, actualizing fullest potential...

Interested in working with me or reaching out for another reason? Please drop me a line!


स्पन्द (Sanksrit)

sacred tremor of Shakti; the vibration of consciousness which lies behind all of existence; pulse of creation; throb of the Divine; primordial vibration of the Universe