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Meredith McNown, LMT


For me, healing has always been a combination of earthly and heavenly work. I believe in the wisdom the body holds and practice the art of listening to the messages of the organs and tissues, energy centers, and the pulse of life-force.


Connecting with the rhythms of nature and the celestial bodies has brought me both solace and an enduring sense of wonder for the world we live in. The influence the seasonal cycles have upon the body and its energetics, and the unfolding of our lives through the movements of the planets, are endlessly fascinating - and healing - explorations for me.


I studied massage therapy at the Crestone Healing Arts Center, a small, residential training program in the San Luis Valley. With a energetic and holistic curriculum rooted in the theoretical framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I learned Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do acupressure, and Reiki--modalities that continue to serve as a solid foundation for my work. Following my massage training, continuing education in energy healing, chakra work, and the study of astrological dynamics in relation to the body and spirit have further developed my work.


I am a self-taught astrologer, inspired by both modern and traditional methodologies. My practice carries a strong emphasis on relational and devotional work, while incorporating a psychological and archetypal perspective. I have been greatly inspired by the work of numerous master astrologers, as well as by the planets themselves, who have granted me many blessings, healing crises, and calls to action.  

PHONE: 303-859-7131


MONDAY - FRIDAY 12:00 - 4:00

SATURDAY 11:00 - 2:00

Rock in Sand

1200 Pearl St



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