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At the top of the head we enter the energetic gateway of Sahasrara, our Crown Chakra. This chakra involves our connection to higher planes, the experience of union with the divine, and the bliss that is found by being at one with all. Our relationship to spirituality (the emotions, beliefs, and practices we hold involving our connection to the Divine) can be found in the Crown Chakra. The gifts of Sahasrara offer the experience of direct spiritual knowing, a strong connection to higher purpose, to higher planes of existence, and spiritual guidance received from non-earthly dimensions. Issues involved with the functioning of this chakra can include psychosis, immune and nervous system disorders, and dissociation.

Meditation, prayer, and other forms of spiritual practice are the most direct ways to connect to Sahasrara and begin to awaken the consciousness of this center. Energy healing can offer guidance for developing the relationship to divine energies and supports the awakening of Crown Chakra energies by bringing harmony to the rest of the system. With a healthy relationship to our physicality (First Chakra), our emotional body (Second Chakra), and mental body (Third Chakra), we are better able to hold and integrate the radiant and expanded energies of the Crown without dissociating, bypassing, or rejecting the value of the earthly plane and human experience. The Heart Chakra helps us live in balance with the energies of Heaven and Earth and in our personal relationships, while the upper chakras provide us with the very subtle experiences of our inner and outer worlds.

While we have explored the energy of the chakras working our way from the bottom of the body upwards, it is important to understand that the energy of the chakra system flows down as well as up. The direct relationship we hold to expanded divine consciousness influences all of the chakras, directing our emotional and biochemical functioning, our beliefs, and the way we experience love in our lives. All of the chakras connect to numerous channels in the body, distributing energy and information throughout the system. When we have distortions and imbalance in one chakra, that information gets relayed to other areas of our physical and energetic body. As we create health in our energetic centers, that consciousness also influences processes in other parts of our system. Energy healing works to create health in the energy system through awareness, nurturing touch, emotional support, techniques for regulation, and through the power of being supported and witnessed in the dynamic journey of life.

Chakra: 7th

Physical location: top of the head

Corresponding body parts, systems & organs: upper skull, cerebral cortex, pineal gland, nervous system

Element: none

Sense: none

Associated emotions & expressions (imbalanced): religious extremism, denial of spiritual reality, narrow vision, self-centeredness

Associated qualities & life experiences: bliss, divine knowledge, transcendence


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