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NEW MOON in ARIES ~ March 24, 2020 ~ INITIATIONS

In the midst of all the news, lockdowns, distancing and virtual expansions, we have somehow found ourselves ushered through the Equinox gateway. Spring is officially here, and so are the early points of growth which come along with the Aries energy field. Creation, birth, the first stage of the journey, the point from which human evolution begins - these are the ways universal energy flows through the sign of Aries, and here we are, suddenly thrust into a new world, into the moment, and without much reference for what will follow.

As the Moon meets the Sun in this zodiac space, another cycle begins for our emotional growth through the changing landscape. Developments in the subconscious experience and new movements made with the body and with our home - both things which astrology ties to the lunar correspondence - are triggered through the New Moon.

Our Aries Moon also lands in a conjunction with Chiron, igniting sensitivities and issues of healing which must be addressed as we continue forward. And, of course, the grasp of Mars conjunct Jupiter in Pluto and the imperatives brought through Saturn’s position over the last few weeks, all continue to target our awareness, to bring focus to the structures and boundaries within our lives, and urgency into our evolution of systems and connections. We’ve now been living into this new reality for a short while, but a different temperament arrives with the advent of today’s lunar cycle. Ignited by the sign of the Ram, the next four weeks will offer more heat, impulse and creative awakening, and enhanced ability to move powerfully into the unknown.


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