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New Moon in Aries ~ WAKING UP ~ April 5, 2019

Aries is a sign that’s all about waking up. It’s the energy of fresh starts, rebirth, boldness, the arrival of spring, and the expression of aliveness. Following almost a month of Mercury retrograde in the soft waters of Pisces, today’s New Moon gives us a sweet push into the new beginning of this astrological new year.

As the murkiness of Mercury’s final conjunction to Neptune begins to clear, we can more fully make our way out of the meditative meanderings and dreamy regressions of the last few weeks. March was a month of flowing emotionality and unseen reality. We may have been processing cosmic wounds, issues of ancestral inheritance, dancing in the messiness of the creative process or untangling the illusions of past experience. Now, with the heat of Aries inspiring the dark Moon, dreams gestating in hidden dimensions are ready for manifestation in the here and now.

Venus follows in Mercury’s footsteps, sweeping through the degrees that were traversed during his retrograde. Here, in her exaltation, we can open to the blessings Venus has to offer. Compassion and poetic appreciation are bountiful with Venus in Pisces, and the next couple of weeks can offer more value to what’s be turned and re-turned by Mercury’s movements here.

With so much Cardinal energy present for today’s Aries New Moon, it’s a great time to establish new direction, to consider action, and right use of energy for long-term success. The productive, driving focus brought by the planets in Capricorn stimulates and grounds the burst of fresh life from the New Moon. The North Node has now been in Cancer for five months and we may just be getting a feel for the direction it’s pointing us in. Rediscovering a relationship to home, to softness and nurturance are areas of cosmic encouragement now and for the next 12 months. These directions, while an undercurrent to the other energies expressed at this New Moon, are important to consider when taking aim at big plans in the fresh start of this lunation.

Today is a celebration. Luna has joined the Sun in Aries and spring is here. It’s time to wake up, move forward, and take those beautiful dreams out into the world!


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