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The Winter Solstice offers the deepest expression of the quietness of yin. On this day we bring our attention to the the night, the coldness, and the north. We softly engage the energies which balance the heat and light of masculine.

This dark time brings rest, a call to surrender outward expression in honor of silence and stillness.

It’s a time to follow the freeze and darkness to the wisdom of the feminine.

The quarter days are gateways. They mark our passage through time and space, through the expansions and contractions inherent in life. They are invitations for our appreciation of the Earth and our sensual relationship to her cycles.

The full moon in the solstice sky whispers through this gateway, tells us an initiation is underway. Our only task to move through this passage is to be with the spaces of our body, to allow the quiet needed for subtle gestation.

Apart from the noise and the distraction and extroversions of life, we discover the truth in what remains. Like a flame in the darkness, or a bright moon on a night of hidden reality, our own inner light shines within the arms of this mystery.


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