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Concrete Wall

therapy sessions

I offer an integrated style of massage therapy aimed at supporting the physical, emotional, and energetic experience.

My bodywork incorporates the gentle touch with long, fluid Swedish massage strokes and slower, deeper pressure applied strategically to areas of tension. Attention is given to both the physical and subtle body. Typically a small amount of time is spent incorporating energy work techniques such as acupressure, Reiki, and chelation.  

Massage with deeper energy healing work is also available for those who are interested in more fully exploring the body-mind-energy connection.

At the beginning of each session, I hold space for verbal check-ins. I believe that love, compassion, and the experience of being seen are fundamental components of the healing process, and that the expression of one’s desires, goals, needs, or current process prior to beginning table work/ bodywork facilitates beautiful intentionality and opens the door to deeper healing. (See the outline for my session flow below.)

All sessions include natural and organic oils and body butters, as well as aromatherapy treatments at no additional cost.

This work is:

  • gentle

  • nurturing

  • blissful

  • balancing

  • relaxing

Concrete Wall

massage + energy
therapy sessions

For those looking to go deeper into their energy body, diving into the process of chakra work, I offer combined energy healing and massage therapy sessions.

These sessions provide the opportunity to receive restorative bodywork along with hands-on support for the development of energetic awareness and intuition. Together we will explore the chakra system and both resource and unprocessed energy, and the related life experiences, patterns, karmas, and potentials stored within.

Each session begins with time for initial check-ins, facilitating and opening the door to deeper healing on the table.  Once on the table the time is split between blissful bodywork and consciously moving awareness into the energy body, discovering both the aliveness and the unhealed, challenged, wounded  (See the outline for my session flow below.)

The chakra system is the foundation for the energy work that I offer. To learn more about the chakras and my the systems I use to engage them the corresponding, their qualities, psycho-somatic correspondences check out my chakra posts.

This work is:

  • tender

  • creative

  • compassionate

  • revealing

  • ​intimate

Concrete Wall

session flow


massage therapy sessions

Hello & Check-ins: Time to express what needs support, tune into body & settle in for session work

~up to 10 min

Table Time: Full 75/90/120 minutes on table with hands-on work

Closing: Transition

off table, closing comments, insights &


~up to 10 min



Concrete Wall


Meredith's bodywork is a combination of massage and energy work that is deeply transforming. I leave every session with her feeling more grounded and connected with mySelf and more open and free in my body. Her astrological insights always clarify and validate whatever chapter in life I find myself in. She is warm and wise and I wholeheartedly recommend her for massage/energy work and astrology. She is truly gifted in the art of massage and astrology.


Meredith has the most Serene, knowing,loving hands I've ever experienced. She is exceptional in every way, she does not beat you up like many therapist , you grudgingly leave wanting more, to stay longer. It seems I become a better part of the world and can't wait to return to her again.


Meredith is a supremely talented healer. Her massage is a real experience, and we have had fascinating conversations on energy and astrology related to what's going on in my life. I always look forward to seeing her.


Meredith is so gifted in reading my body, energy, astrology, and weaving it together to understand what I need to heal and live in my highest potential. So grateful for her care and wisdom.


Meredith really knows what she is doing. She takes the time to sit down with you before the massage to listen and tune into your most current needs. She knows how to apply that intuitive wisdom to give me a very specific energy release from head to toe, even more than I thought my body needed. I feel total body alignment as a result. I highly recommend her. I will continue to see her for the most unique body massage on a regular basis trusting this most in-depth approach to wellness.


I've been getting massages from Meredith for a little over 1 year. She always takes the time to ask if there are specific problem areas, and is very focused on your individual needs. She has a wonderful touch; it is so relaxing that I often fall asleep during the massage. And, she is a very kind and caring person. I highly recommend her.


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