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Full Moon in Libra ~ A TURNING POINT ~ April 19, 2019

The 29th degree, the point we arrive at with today’s Blue Moon, is a potent degree. In every sign the last degree becomes a point of tension, of critical culmination, a place where things are pushed to the brink just before transformation occurs.

Luna in Libra brings attention to relationship, to the we-factor, and the continual motion involved in the balancing of dynamics. Here at the critical degree we are reaching some kind of intense ripening of this balancing act.

A Full Moon involves bringing something to light. It’s a time of illumination and where we lack the protection of shadows and our ability to hide, to not see, to rest in obscurity. The 29th degree amplifies this experience, the tension of being unable to hide and, here in Libra, the graceful wobble involved in trying to balance it all.

The 29th degree is also known as the anaretic degree, the Karmic degree, and the degree of Fate. At the 29th degree transition is imminent. And under this second of back-to-back Full Moon’s in the sign of Libra we’re doubling down on the weight of this balancing act as we reach a culmination in the sign of the scales.

The Sun’s light shines from another critical point, the anaretic degree of the sign of Aries. Here the crises surrounds self. Aries does not deliberate and consider, endlessly weigh options and fluctuate from one side to the other. Aries moves full-force into the world, full of the aliveness of the moment and often blind to the many factors that could be considered. The 29th degree of Aries considers another tense culmination, a critical mass of individualism and the drives of the impassioned warrior, the placement of the individual in front of the other.

And where will the pointed energy of this illumination lead? What endings do we reach at the 29th degree? What do we discover about the influence of relationship upon self and the significance of individualism within relationship? In the days following the Full Moon, the Sun moves straight into the electric experience of Uranus, inviting the potential for shock and upheaval to the usually stable environment of Taurus. As Uranus shakes up the Sun in this gentle Earth sign, the Bull’s ruling planet moves from the spiritual waters of Pisces into Aries, where she finds herself in exile. It’s a clear transition from one phase of spring to another, an ending folded into a beginning, and a dash of unpredictability to keep things interesting.


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