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The Year Ahead Reading

Your Year Ahead reading explores the planetary cycles in play over the next 12 months. As we examine contacts made by transiting planets to important points of your natal chart, you will gain insight into experiences and events of the coming year. Progressed planets will also be discussed, providing a look at grander cycles in motion in your life. This reading offers context to help understand life’s challenges, as well as guidance for harvesting energies at ripe moments. A written report of your transits and progressions will also be provided.

50min - $140

Focused Birth Chart Reading

In this session we will explore key planets in your birth chart, focusing on several planets that are especially strong, weak, challenged, or unique in their expression, or planets which are particularly active due to cyclic influence. This is a great way to get more deeply rooted into personal relationship with your natal chart. You will walk away with tools to help support and cultivate planetary relationships and bring your body and energy system into conscious practice with your astrological chart.

50min - $140

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the year


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The Big Three Reading

In this reading we will explore the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (and other angles of your chart), providing a wonderful introduction to your natal astrology. These placements offer profound insight into your life's purpose, instinctual and emotional tendencies, fundamental motivations, drives, and needs, and public and private anchoring in the world. This consultation also includes a discussion of houses, and rulerships, paving the way for continued exploration of the chart and astrological techniques.

50 min - $140

The Saturn Return Reading 

The Saturn Return is a major life passage that begins when Saturn returns to the sign it occupied when you were born, in effect somewhere between ages 28-31. Moving into this stage of life and experiencing the developing relationship with Saturn can be a highly challenging and rewarding process. This reading offers support during this piece of life’s journey by helping illuminate specifics of Saturn’s calls for personal development. Important concurrent transits and progressions will also be discussed.

50min - $140

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These 50-minute sessions are designed to be immersive and insightful without relaying an overwhelming amount of information. Each reading offers tools and practices to aid in your personal exploration of planetary influences and provides the opportunity for continued study through follow-up sessions. All readings are suitable for both beginners and those with more experience in astrology.

To schedule, please reach out to for sessions available in person or via Zoom.

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