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Back To Mercury Retrograde: Returning & Rewinding Through The Virgoan Landscape

Mercury retrograde — the buzziest of astro terms — is upon us once again. Most know by now that communication snafus, tech issues galore, delays, break-downs, and various life struggles may be experienced during these three-week periods.

And, those who have advanced in their Mercury retrograde game also know that within each Mercury retrograde lies an opportunity.

These weeks are calls towards mindfulness, to slow down and pay attention, and to be patient – important reminders in a fast-paced world.

Rushing through the grocery store? Hurrying to your appointment? Multi-tasking while you check your calendar? These are the types of things which get you into trouble during Mercury retrograde. So, take a breath, tap into serenity, and double-check your work (your facts, your messages, and your interpretations)!

When the Messenger of the Mind moves in reverse, we are given a chance to look at things from another perspective. New ideas, awarenesses, and possibilities are available to those who practice the art of non-reactive response.

This season Mercury is retrograde in Virgo. This productive, organized, and virtuous sign is special to Mercury as it bestows the Messenger his place of rulership and exaltation. Mercury’s analytic powers shine here. Information is processed, life is managed, affairs are organized, and outcomes are calculated with steady efficiency.

Mercury’s retrograde journey offers a bit of a twist on this dignified position. On the one hand, Mercury is still supported by being happily placed in a sign with which they hold such affinity. Mercury still gets to “do Mercury” with certain ease, though there may be a bit more re-processing, re-doing, and re-considering in the mix.

On the other hand, Mercury opposes Saturn in Pisces throughout the retrograde…

Saturn in Pisces can be a bit of a wet blanket. A slowing down for an already uncomfortably slow Mercury.

Saturn may test Mercury a bit, offering doubt and confusion to minds that are already busy consciously and carefully (re)processing the details.

Saturn may demand we deal and feel and struggle with our emotional energies throughout all of this.

Still, the orb is wide for this opposition and Mercury makes (and lands into cazimi with!) a lovely earthy trine to Jupiter.

Overall, this retrograde is a good time to re-turn to whatever was put on hold for the playtime of summer. Re-dedicate yourself to work, to school, to that project you’ve been dreaming up. Re-decorate your space, de-clutter, and reposition yourself for the new season. A Virgo Mercury loves these things!


August 23 – Mercury Stations Retrograde @ 21°51 Virgo September 6 – Mercury Cazimi @ 13°37 Virgo September 15 – Mercury Stations Direct @ 8°00 Virgo

This post was originally published on our sister site, Based Astrology


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