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VENUS UNDER THE BEAMS ~ April 20, 2021

Venus under the beams isn’t exactly an easy experience. It is a time of purification. When Venus is combust she is consumed by her closeness to the Sun, weakened, devoured, undergoing a great death while being ravaged by the light. She is dying so to be reborn - quite occupied over the last several weeks, and generally unable to bestow the usual gifts of grace and sensual delight upon the earthly plane.

The absence of the Fairer Benefic from our view of space pulls us each towards our own experience of fiery engulfment. Something must be reckoned with. Often that something is a piece we carry deep within ourselves, mystically set aglow via relationship with another.

An element of sacrifice is generally involved when the Queen Herself descends from the Heavens. This sacrifice is woven into the mythologies passed down through the words of the ancients and faithfully regenerated in our human hearts as we receive the loss of our Goddess in her dance through the skies.

Venus emerges as the Evening Star (her softer side) in early May. She is already on the other side of the Sun and -quite joyously!- now in her home sign of Taurus. For some, the release from the inferno of the Sun may already feel close; others may still be teasing their way through the clutches of the Underworld.

Falling from Heaven is no small thing! It’s a dazzling, terrifyingly bright, helpless and utterly empowering experience. The passage takes us towards renewed relationship with our own truth, casting out falsity and revealing the wounds of self-abandonment as we are compelled to find deeper cuts of self-love and devotion


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