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massage therapy

I offer integrated massage therapy that combines long, fluid Swedish massage strokes with slower, deeper pressure applied strategically to areas of tension.


I describe my work as:







My sessions also incorporate energy healing techniques, including Reiki, acupressure, and chakra work. 

For more information on the energy work that I offer, please refer to the section below.

At the beginning of each session, I offer space for verbal check-ins where goals, needs, and client experiences can be discussed, opening the door for deeper healing. Full table time for each massage is provided following this. 

All sessions include natural and organic oils and body butters, as well as aromatherapy treatments at no additional cost.

Massage Therapy Rates

75 min - $125

90 min - $150


energy healing

For those interested in developing their awareness of subtle energy, I offer sessions that facilitate personal connection to the chakra system.

Energy healing work is co-creative and exploratory.

These sessions provide the opportunity to receive restorative bodywork along with hands-on support for the development of energetic awareness and intuition.

For more information on healing with the energy body, please check out my chakra articles.

Massage + Energy Healing Rates

75 min - $125

90 min - $150

Meredith's bodywork is a combination of massage and energy work that is deeply transforming. I leave every session with her feeling more grounded and connected with mySelf and more open and free in my body. Her astrological insights always clarify and validate whatever chapter in life I find myself in. She is warm and wise and I wholeheartedly recommend her for massage/energy work and astrology. She is truly gifted in the art of massage and astrology.


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