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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Meredith, a massage and energy therapist with a passion for astrology. I offer gentle, intuitively guided energy and bodywork.  In the 10 years that I have been practicing, my work has developed into an integrated blend of Swedish massage, acupressure, chakra work, and whatever else uniquely flows through my body. You can read more about my massage and energy healing sessions here.

I named my business Spanda Body Arts + Astrology after the Sanskrit term spanda (pronounced spun-da ), which refers to the "sacred tremor" of the universe. We are all connected through the spanda, which exists behind manifest reality and within our life force.

In addition to body practices, I know astrology to be a powerful tool with the potential to guide, deliver healing and self-understanding, and to provide and a view of the interconnectedness of life. I love looking at charts, studying, and writing about astrology.

My goal is to create a peaceful and nurturing space where you will feel supported to soften and connect to subtler parts of your existence. Come see me at my office in downtown Boulder! 




sacred tremor of Shakti; the vibration of consciousness which lies behind all of existence; pulse of creation; throb of the Divine; primordial vibration of the Universe

1200 Pearl St

Suite 208

Boulder, CO 80302


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