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At the base of the spine we enter the consciousness of Muladhara, the Root Chakra. Here we find our relationship to fundamental issues of existence, our management of basic needs, and core survival issues.

When our Root Chakra is our of balance we may struggle in our relationship to work, money, or food, correlating to a disruption in our ability to receive physical and energetic nourishment from the Earth. Struggles relating to disharmony in the chakras can come in the form of overemphasis or diminishment; imbalance in Muladhara can manifest as over-eating as well as under-eating, hoarding, workaholism, financial lack, unemployment and greed. Healthy expressions of Muladhara demonstrate security in the relationship we have to our physical experience, an ability to be rooted inside the body, a healthy management of basic needs, and an overall sense of safety and belonging.

Energy therapy for Muladhara help us to come deeper into our bodies, bringing our energy and awareness more fully into our legs and feet where we can connect with the Earth. Working with this Chakra is a path towards financial and physical health, fuller embodiment, a healthy sense of belonging, and, ultimately, the understanding of our life purpose. Energy work through the Root Chakra also awakens the energy body on the densest level and helps to develop the intuitive gifts found through sensation, feeling, and kinesthetic awareness.

Chakra: 1st

Physical location: Base of spine & perineum

Corresponding body parts, systems & organs: Large intestine, bones, feet, legs, immune system, anus

Element: Earth

Sense: Smell

Associated emotions (imbalanced): fear, greed, hatred, mistrust, hostility

Associated qualities & life experiences: survival, the right to exist, basic needs, heritage, roots, provision, energy needed to exist and fulfill one's life purpose


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