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Our 2nd Chakra holds the Sanskrit name "Svadishthana" which translates to “one’s own seat”. The experience of fundamental aspects of our existence (originating in the1st Chakra) make way for the development of our emotional body and a more individuated experience of the self. A healthy, fully flowing Sacral Chakra generates qualities of self-love, sweetness, and creative expression, while distortions here show up as over-emotionality, as well as disconnection from the emotional experience of ourself and others, sexual distortions, self-judgement, insecurity, guilt and shame.

Many people have blockages in their belly and gut which limit the flow of bliss and wisdom made available through a loving relationship to the pelvis. These blockages often involve a limited relationship to self-love and to healthy emotional regulation and expression. Svadishthana is also fundamental to our experience of pleasure; obsessive behavior and tendencies towards over-indulgences, as well the rejection of pleasurable experiences, can all indicate the a separation from the innate wisdom which exists here. Energy healing can support repair of the relationship to the Sacral Chakra, fostering healthy self-attachment and the connection to corresponding physical and emotional processes.

Discovering a balanced relationship to the emotional body is a huge aspect of energy work. It is through Svadishthana that we find a healthy awareness of this part of our being and appreciation for the flowing nature of our sensitivity, as well as our sensuality. The self-intimacy of the second chakra influences our ability to create, to emote, and to foster healthy and loving relationships with others.

Chakra: 2nd

Physical location: the sacral spine & lower abdomen (between the naval and genitals)

Corresponding body parts, systems & organs: sexual organs, bladder, prostate, womb, kidneys, uterus

Element: Water

Sense: Taste

Associated emotions (imbalanced): depression, feelings of shame or inadequacy, guilt, frustration, emotional & creative blocks

Associated qualities & life experiences: awareness of feelings and emotions, sensuality, creativity expression, intimacy, passion, self-love


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