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Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ SOMETHING BRIGHTER ~ June 17, 2019

In the midst of a slew of heavy aspects formed through the oppositional energies of Cancer and Capricorn comes today’s Full Moon. The last week has been a bit of tug of war, a standoff between the old and the better, a dance between readiness and constraint. The showdown between Cancer and Capricorn continues (quite awhile longer), but today’s Sagittarius Full Moon helps us see the pieces of the new life we could be constructing. Alongside the gregarious optimism of Jupiter in his own sign, the Moon throws out a big light, bringing our attention to another space of the sky. A space where hope and the joy of grander visions are full and alive.

Whether they feel like it or not, these times are juicy. They are alive. They are full of gestating energies and subtle undertones. The waiting and holding, all the tension that comes from not having the movement we desire, are important pieces of our creation. It is all part of the great transformation that is underway.

Our relationship to what we value, to how we maintain stability, to what we know of comfort and security, are some of the most deeply entrenched parts of who we are. Or who we think we are. The ongoing configurations involving the planets moving through the signs of Cancer and Capricorn continue to challenge the beliefs we use to soothe ourselves into the structures of our lives. But as the push and pull of the current process gradually wears away at hardened ideas, the well practiced stories, and the movements we make to “get by”, we can begin to see the bigger potentials that are squashed by these strategies. Today’s Full Moon illuminates the other side of this coin beautifully. It calls us to let in something else, invites us to take a look at something grander, something that involves our bigger potentials and our ability to move with trust and faith towards a new way.

Use this Moon to dream, to explore your inner landscape of high ideals and core truths and to let yourself find out what you might really want to reach for. As far as the tension of tearing through the old way goes, there’s plenty more that lies ahead. July offers up eclipses (powerful New and Full Moons arriving to expose both the light and dark involved in our stable calculations) as well Mercury’s retrograde through Leo and Cancer. We will continue to review relationship to comfort and care and to things that we hold as necessary foundations in our lives. And as learn to we align to something gentler, allowing ourselves to be closer to our own softness, possibilities of the new way may just begin to make themselves known.


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