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Full Moon in Scorpio ~ REVELATION ~ May 18, 2019

The energy of revelation surrounds tonight’s Full Moon and the days that follow. Landing in the final degrees of Scorpio, the big, bright light in this evening’s sky offers illumination of something of the shadows. Something is ready to be seen under this light.

Our relationship to the Darkness is always present in the process of transformation. It is Scorpio who offers this wisdom to the the zodiac. She asks us to venture into the unseen and to use this practice to cultivate our relationship to the truth. Intimacy, aloneness, union, and sacrifice are all experiences found in the path of Scorpion.

Tonight, as our Moon lights up these hidden depths, four planets in Taurus tell us another piece of the story. Mercury lies across from the Moon, moving towards a conjunction with the Sun and suggesting the chance for sudden insight and awakened understanding. And Venus find herself in Taurus as well, conjunct Uranus who brings unpredictable expressions to her gifts - to our understanding of the ways of the heart.

Taurus desires to sustain, to have and to hold, but with so much transformation present in the sky, something’s got to give. Under this Moon we find ourselves dancing between the need to sustain and the call to release, between the motions of sacrifice and the impulse for cultivation. Tonight we get to dance between worlds, to feel the pull of the mystic and the comfort of the material. This Moon allows us the space to be with both the light and the darkness, to allow the depths to be exposed, and to move with our softness into the space of surrender.


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