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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ CRACKS IN THE FOUDATION ~ July 16, 2019

Pressure has been mounting in our world, causing us to take a closer look at our systems, the building blocks, and seemingly solid pieces of the lives we have created. Structures taken for granted are being called into question, parts pulled out an examined, and a stark reality emerging as a result.

How are we building our world, our society, and our individual lives? There must be integrity in the structure or it will begin to crumble with celestial movements such as these. Pluto and Saturn, along with the South Node, in Capricorn, are here to transform, to force us to examine the very foundations we stand upon. These planets will bring up what isn’t working - at all costs - in order to hold us accountable to the world we are creating. The momentous conjunction of Pluto and Saturn reaches its peak in early 2020 and the build up to this alignment is more than hinted at in all that is occurring in the current moment.

Today the Moon moves through Capricorn and steps into alignment with these heavy hitters, reaching an eclipse at her moment of fullness. Here in Capricorn, an eclipse - a potent shadow, an interruption in the cycle, a visible darkness - shows that something momentous is happening involving the organization of power, the process of efficiency, and the skeletal systems of our personal and collective lives.

Do those skeletons have integrity? Do these bones truly offer support to soft tissues, to the movement of blood and chi through the channels of this body?

Venus conjunct the North Node as we move into the force of this eclipse calls to us from another place. In Cancer, under the beams of the Sun, she points us to some piece of belonging. She tells us we are reconfiguring our relationship to family, to home, and to the waters of life. Cancer and Capricorn, signs associated with past and future, are swirling with the winds of transformation. As we make changes in our structure, our relationship to work and ambition, a new understanding of “home” will also emerge. The pressure of today’s eclipse, of the months that stretch out in front of us, is like the space between in breath and out breath. It is potent space between which can quickly turn from gentle stillness to a frantic gasp if held for too long.


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