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New Moon in Gemini ~ HERE AND THERE ~ June 3, 2019

The drive for higher understanding and visionary expansion has been amplified since Jupiter entered Sagittarius (home territory for the Sky God) last November. Are you aware of the ways Jupiter has been connecting you to greater dreams and visions? Have you felt where he’s been asking you to expand your horizons, daring you to explore, seek, and reach out for bigger and greater potentials that guide you in your relationship to the Truth?

Today’s New Moon puts another spin on the ways we’ve been expanding through the sign of Sagittarius. With the Sun and Moon aligning in the sign of Gemini - opposite Jupiter - our airy explorations and curiosities are lit up in relationship to these big-picture ideas. Gemini reminds us of the joy found by engaging the smaller picture and of the playful attitude which arises when we allow multiple perspectives into our thought process. The bigness of Jupiter, especially in the sign of Sagittarius, can be a bit dogmatic. If we are overly committed to the long-view, this New Moon cycle may help guide us back to the here and now and show us the importance of smaller details.

This current contrast between the qualities of Gemini and Sagittarius, where we encounter our commitment to the greater vision pulling against the ability to be alive to the magic of the moment, drives into a T-square focused at Neptune in Pisces. We may find the desire to escape the tension of the New Moon to Jupiter dichotomy by offloading our experience through a dive into more mystical waters. The urge to retreat, to spiritually bypass, to leave these closer realities behind for something much vaster are possible outcomes for this alignment. Layers of truth are in play here. The planets are pulling us to the very far out realms, as well as into the world of the mind, the movements and messages of ordinary life experiences, and towards the development of a greater spiritual philosophy and vision that will guide us through our lives.

Let your piqued curiosities move you to refine the vision of the big picture you’ve been looking at since last November. Allow the long view be informed by new information and light-hearted engagements. Give yourself permission to ask the simple questions - you never know where the answers might lead.

Today’s new lunar cycle should be very potent in terms of supporting deep release in the psyche. The limiting physical and psychological structures that we’ve allowed to impose upon our lives have been getting worn down by the friction of the South Node’s movements with Saturn through the sky. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse experienced at the next New Moon ushers us further into this process. As we flow into this lunar cycle, with visions and dreams and spiritual heights in our hearts, the planets whispering to us where and how to let go so that we might have even more in our lives.


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