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New Moon in Taurus ~ LISTENING TO THE QUIET EARTH ~ May 4, 2019

Today the Moon joins the Sun at the middle degrees of the sign of Taurus. This point in the Sun’s cycle helps us land into the softness of the spring season, into the gentleness of the Earth, and the ability to slow-down and appreciate the abundance of our lives. The Moon in this sign, in this Dark part of her cycle, asks us to become quiet, to move inward, and to use these directions to deepen our connection to the natural world around us. Movements that take us within, towards rest and solitude, the non-actions which allow for deeper reflections, honor the motions of this phase of the lunar cycle, our relationship to night, and to the yin-rhythms in ourselves.

Most of us live continually in the presence of illumination. Street lamps and house lights, digital clocks and the screens of our phones, computers and televisions take away our experience of the darkness. Protecting our relationship to dark wisdom takes a little more dedication in the fast-paced modern world. Just imagine yourself in the absence of all the brightness we find in our habitual lives. Imagine how you would be pulled by the Moon, pressed inward by the darkness of a moonless night. Imagine how Luna’s growth over the coming weeks would be essentially tied to your own night-movements, your expansion into outward experiences of the the evening, and your inherent cycling processes.

A New Moon in Taurus rests our hearts into the Earth, with the seeds buried in the ground, with dreams of fertile awakening, and guides us in slow movements offered for the cultivation of our sensual desires.

How would it feel to sleep on the Earth on this New Moon night? Your own body resting into the cool ground, surrounded by stars and the black sky, and enveloped by the quietness of this spring evening...Could you better feel the blessings of the fertile, alive natural world? Would your heart be sweetly fed by the soundless softening of the ground, the growth of sprouting seeds, and the whispering of the leaves and grasses?

Away from all the information and illumination, without charging or upgrading, apart from the messages, the light, the notifications, and all the demands of information, what might be heard in this darkness? What stories would we read in the New Moon sky? What quiet voices might be heard? What love might be found in the hidden spaces of the deep night and unexplored territories of your own heart?


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