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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer ~ THE CHANGING TIDE ~ July 2, 2019

Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is ruled by Luna herself. Placed comfortably in her home-sign of Cancer (the sign that most loves home), our Moon makes her monthly connection with the Sun. Every 29.5 days these two begin again, seeding a new cycle in lunar darkness. Today’s New Moon also begets a Total Solar Eclipse, a much darker portal than your typical Dark Moon gateway. Eclipses are mysterious passages in time which contain the power to open up things in our lives, though we don’t often get to chose how this happens. Invitations carried through an eclipse involve our relationship to surrender, our willingness to witness a shadow, and experiences that break with consistency.

With lunar themes extra present at today’s Solar Eclipse, we find ourselves in communication with the nature of the Moon. From an astrological perspective this involves the body, our emotions, the flow of feelings and other changing tides experienced within.

The current positions of the North and South Nodes are guiding us in new directions of structure and discipline along with reconfigurations around our intimate longings, our relationship to softening and to the sensitive spots we find in ourselves and others. These places are being worked, re-negotiated in us all year, and quite profoundly this month.

We are developing new understanding of home and of the idea of belonging - a vast territory for exploration as we experience the hidden magnetic pull of the Lunar Nodes, and change, movement and initiations are strong possibilities through this season of eclipses.


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