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Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo ~ January 20/21, 2019

Within our sky are two mystical, invisible points known as the Lunar Nodes or, more poetically in Vedic terminology, as the Dragon’s Head and Tail. These points are involved with our desires, our tendencies towards obsession, movements of karmic release, dormant energies, and the continual sloughing and rebirthing we experience in our lifetime. The Lunar Nodes are forever intertwined with the possibilities and outcomes of every eclipse and with the spiritual potentials we encounter as individuals in our lifetimes.

Tomorrow, the shadow that is this disembodied Dragon falls over the face of the Moon, turning her Blood Red, and bringing us to our last eclipse in the sign of Leo for the next seven years.

At the end of this cycle of eclipses through the Leo (and Aquarius), you may want to ask:

What have I reclaimed in my heart-space? What has been cleared and cleansed?

And what love or passion or expression within still burns to be let out?

These eclipses have pulled us along on a journey involving the elements of fire and air, our capacity for self-devotion, and our relationship to honor and bravery. With the Lunar Nodes in the signs of Leo and Aquarius from spring of 2017 to the tail-end of 2018 we’ve been examining our protections, our relationship to love, and, overall, calling the intellect to open towards the heart.

In November, the Nodes completed this leg of their journey and made the move from Leo and Aquarius into the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. With this a new experience of karmic reckoning stands before us. This work - the work of finding home within, of releasing rigidity and corruptness in structure - is ours to do over the next 16 months.

But the heart-space of the zodiac we call Leo has one final push in the rebirthing process we’ve been through. Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo yokes the moves we’ve made in the name of the confidence and courage over the two years with the veil of the the North Node in Cancer, for our final Blood Moon until 2021.

An eclipse brings an interruption. What we see, what we know, and what we depend on is broken when the steady wax and wane of the cycling Moon is shrouded in the strange dark-light of a Lunar Eclipse.

Give yourself some time to notice how this interruption falls in your heart.

The shadowy dimension of an eclipse is complex and hard to fully comprehend. It’s a space out of time as well as an experience of Union invited through the dance of darkness and light, possible only through the perfect alignment of Earth and Sun and Moon.

Eclipses can land like waves, bringing unexpected events crashing through our lives and changing our known landscape in the process. They can also operate like strong undercurrents - powerful and unseen, invisible at first glance yet creating new directions deep within.

Whatever the personal experience of this eclipse is for you, this type of cosmic play is to be received with reverence and respect. Whether your transformation moves like a tsunami or a gentle ripple, honor it as a possibility to witness something previously unseen and pace yourself to the beating of your heart in this mysterious moment out of time.


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