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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ COOLING THE FIRES ~ August 15, 2019

The planets align today such that one side of our Earth faces Venus, the Sun and Mars (all in Leo) while the other side of the globe looks upon the Aquarius Full Moon. Air is rare in our sky these days, and the Moon in Aquarius offers a brief opportunity to catch some breath, some space, in the midst of all the strong fire and heavy earth that’s been driven into the atmosphere through the recent weeks.

This Full Moon highlights, most significantly, Venus and her conjunction to the Sun. It comes just after the moments of her rebirth and illuminates key points in this new beginning. Full Moons are culminations and often coincide with separations in their power to complete a cycle. While deaths or significant turning points that have come with the potency of Venus cazimi may be triggered by the Moon, Luna’s position in Aquarius offers the ability to take in a larger perspective on all that is occurring. The gift of detached intellect, keen awareness, and the power of observation are granted in the sign of the Water Bearer, cooling some of the fiery passions ignited by all the planets in Leo.

Aquarius can also bring our attention beyond the limited frame of our self-attention, our personal demands and agendas. For the Water Bearer, the collective experience is the focus. We may find our love for humanity sparked and the desire to channel our passions into service of the greater good.

Image from Aku Mimpi via Behance


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