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FULL MOON in GEMINI ~ December 11/12, 2019 ~ LIGHT OF COMPLETION

As we turn towards the darker days of the winter, we are offered the buoyancy of Sagittarius season and, with the fiery passion of this sign, the inspiration to move with vision while surrounded by long nights and chilly temperatures. Tonight’s Full Moon lights up Gemini, the sign across from Sagittarius, where airy friendliness and curiosity abounds. Thrown into the mix is Neptune, simultaneously squared by both the Sun and Moon, creating a muddled mutable experience in this particular peak of Gemini’s light.

Gemini offers a fun airy quality to our experience, one that may ride happily on the activity of the holiday season, the conversation and connection provided by festive celebration, and the lights and colors which fill the atmosphere. Gemini is versatile, always ready to flow from one experience to another, pleased by variation in perspective and opportunity. But with Mercury in Sagittarius, we find Gemini’s ruler pulled in another direction, steeped in the focus of a more singularly oriented sign. And Neptune casts a powerful haze across it all.

Gemini thrives on the details while Sagittarius aims for the big picture and Neptune casts it all into a dissolving vastness. Today information may by unclear or unreal and the details which we use to aim for bigger vision may not be as factual as they seem.

Apart from all of this (yet vastly and simultaneously intertwined) is the stellium in Capricorn. For those with strong cardinal placements, this exists in full force, bringing in a serious, earthly focus to contrast the mutable vibes. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all here on this night, offering focus, compression upon ambition, and a hardening quality which may be willingly received or uncomfortably denied.

Tonight’s Gemini Moon also point us towards a much bigger completion. This is last Full Moon of the year and of the decade. The waning of this lunar light will pull us closer to the Solstice, the final weeks of 2019, and straight into a New Moon eclipse of the Sun. The liminal quality which exists between the Winter Solstice - “the standstill” of the Sun - and the New Year, bridges this Moon and the next, cultivating the ground for the arrival of a year which looks to be powerful, developmentally intense, and rich with karmic potency.


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