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FULL MOON in GEMINI ~ November 22, 2018

For many, Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude. It's a time to gather with loved ones and give thanks for the abundance of life. Thanksgiving can be about intention and appreciation, honoring tradition and the connection to family and friends. Also embedded in this holiday are some heavier aspects of our traditions, the dark truths of this country’s history, greed, destruction, and the extreme expressions of self-interest and dogmatism.

It’s quite a spectrum of energies and influences which pull us together on this day. As we evolve as individuals, families and communities, new possibilities emerge for us to turn towards our shadow, to address our complicated legacy, and to offer healing to what is unwell in our communities, our nation, and our world.

Similarly, this evening’s Full Moon may illuminate many of the current dichotomies in our lives. The Moon falls on the very first degree of of Gemini, where we are influenced by myriad thoughts and curiosities. Gemini calls us to inquire, to get curious about information, ideas, and patterns. Gemini engages a diversity of expression, observes the many sides of a story, invites new information, and explores various aspects of existence and embodiment. With Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, traveling retrograde, there may be some steps backward through whatever information we are working with at this time.

The Sun said goodbye to the deep waters of Scorpio early this morning and has now begun its transit through the the fiery realm of Sagittarius. It carries the optimistic heat of the Archer and it is this light the shines fully on tonight's Moon. As we journey with the Sun for the next 30 days in the sign of Sagittarius, we are dancing towards a bigger vision. We are framing our lives, advancing -now with the added support of Jupiter!- towards the possibilities for a bright future. Mercury’s current retrograde through this sign helps us to pull apart some of the sticky details and re-examine the ideals we are reaching towards.

Watch for missing pieces of information and the seeding of your new vision on the 26th and 27th when the energies of Mercury and Jupiter experience a powerful rebirth through conjunctions to the Sun.

Also in the sky today, and through the next week and a half, is a Grand Cross which pushes and pulls the energies of Venus and Uranus, the North and South Node. Changes and culminations to what occurred through Venus’ retrograde, upsets to love and balance, initiations, and movement into new directions may generate through these aspects.

Over the next two weeks, as the Moon loses her light, we are in a dance. We’ve just seen many of pieces in the astrological sky change and are finding our feet on this new path. Things are still moving in and out of alignment as many planets stand at early and late degrees of signs. Pieces from the recent months may be picked back up or finally swept away as we start out on a new path and bring our gaze to the far-sighted view of the future.


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