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FULL MOON in LEO ~ February 8/9, 2020 ~ INNER LIGHT

The Moon in Leo is ruled by the Sun. Placed here, Luna desires to radiate, to give and receive warmth, and to express the solar light from the intimacy of her lunar vibrations. With the Sun in Aquarius and the aspects of Yod and Boomerang in tonight’s Full Moon formation, Luna’s emotional radiance receives a diverse spectrum of cosmic input.

How do the very soft, very personal expression of the heart relate to the heavy incentives of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn? How is the Sun’s light transformed as it moves from cool, self-emancipated Aquarius into the relationally adoring realm of Leo? How do the Aquarian cosmos shift upon receiving this boomerang of light back into the starry pockets that create its airy web?

The Leo Full Moon invites us to experience our enduring fire in relationship to all the moving pieces which are constantly in play. She invites us to use the warm eddies which spring from our own hearts to fuel explorations deeper into the universe, to tether us to comfort and love while venturing out into colder galactic realities, into cosmic spaces which exist far away from the light and heat of the Sun. Leonine Luna, receiving to the progressive wisdom of the Water Bearer, calls us to enjoy the light and coziness of our own heart spaces while simultaneously allowing immersion into the far out realities of the vast and wild surrounding universe.


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