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Full Moon in Libra ~ SURRENDER INTO BALANCE ~ March 20, 2019

The initiatory moments of Spring arrive alongside a dynamic Libra Full Moon. The Sun has just passed into the first degree of Aries where it meets with Chiron, centaur of wisdom, justice, healing, and teaching. The Moon stands across from these two, holding the light in the sign of Libra where opposites must be balanced and harmonized.

If you dare to venture deep down, you may also feel Pluto’s presence near the South Node, a conjunction inspiring deep release and continual movement towards hidden territory of your own subterranean spaces. More immediate in its intensity is the square between Venus and Mars, archetypes of masculine and feminine, battling it out through the ground of fixed signs.

And we are still moving through Mercury’s retrograde.

Running through all of these aspects, through the discomfort that may be felt by this consuming sky, is the call to venture fearlessly into tender spaces, to face our issues of attachment, our relationship to greater reality, and to to mine the wisdom found in raw experience of life.

The susceptible presence of Chiron pours into the the early experience that is found in these first degrees of Aries. This year, Chiron’s wound, his sensitivity and tender wisdom, are part of our initiation into the Spring season. The dark power of Pluto’s ability to mine the depths amplified by the South Node is a journey into what lies under conscious awareness, while the mystical vibrations of Neptune merging with Mercury bring us to a softening of ego, an opportunity to let something dissolve.

Within all of this, the tender yearning of the Moon, who stands for our instinctual relationship, our emotional body, our timid and persistent, responsive nature, is to find balance. It’s a tall order. And yet, with the Equinox arriving on this day - the perfection of balance between the Sun and Earth - we are primed for equilibrium.

Can we surround these big aspects with the theme of balance? Within all the fusion and opposition and resistance can we find the wisdom of both and neither? The simplicity of yes and no? How does this deep pull of release drawn from Pluto’s conjunction with the South Node direct us towards balance? How can the push and pull between Mars and Venus lead towards equanimity? Where are the ways that Mercury’s wayward wandering can bring us back to center?

If this is not clear, shift your perspective by moving back a few steps. Zoom out. Let the boundless nature of the mind carry you far away from the Earth and take a long-distance view of the journey, of our own planet, as she rests in perfect equilibrium with the Sun’s center. Let yourself fall and trust that the pieces will land in a new balance, in a perfect arrangement for rebirth in this new year.


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