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The surge of Virgo energy which arrived several weeks ago remains strong under tonight’s Pisces Full Moon. The inner planets lined up here, in the sign of earthly refinement, have arrived at the end of the summer season, pushing our attention towards the mundane, the rhythms involved in the here and now, and into important actions involved with work, health, and other routine considerations.

With some major modifications...

Reaching the middle degrees of Virgo, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and now Mars, have arrived in hard aspect to both foggy Neptune and high-minded Jupiter, and we’ve felt some very different dimensions within our Virgoan experiences. Work, spirit and vision, diligence, softness and expansion - how are these energies coming together (or working against each other) in your life at this time? The mutable energy of the sky is amplified and life may be in a state of flux, things may feel scattered, confused, or simply beginning to flow in a new way.

As the Moon wanes, we find some grounding for these changes. The migrations of the Sun and surrounding planets into the sign of Libra bring initiative and direction into our lives. By the end of the month, the haze brought on by Neptune’s alignment with Jupiter will begin to clear, Venus will emerge from her journey in the Underworld, and new vision of the path ahead will emerge.

But not yet. Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces glows with the soft delusions of Neptune’s spell, the dreaminess, the bliss and confusion bestowed by the mystery, and the vaporous waves which pull our attention away from the diligent efforts of Virgo’s season. A Full Moon always involves a dance between two opposing realities and tonight’s exchange involves an amplified polarization of here and way out there, the mundane and the ephemeral, the incomprehensible spiritual and the precise management of the material. Possibilities for realization and renewed faith are here (and right around the corner). Jupiter's journey through Sagittarius, which offers the big chance for us to expand our vision and understanding, is nearing it’s end. Soon, Jupiter will journey into the sign of Capricorn where we must set to work on building towards the possibilities we’ve uncovered through the territory of Sagittarius. But tonight, as the Full Moon joins with Neptune in a square to visionary Jupiter, we can use this energy to dream, to soften, to dissolve limited perspectives and open to unseen possibilities.


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