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Shocks and surprises, unexpected waves related to the devotional experience, to what we love and how we self-nurture, have emerged over the last several days as Venus - in the generally calm and sustaining sign of Taurus - has found herself thrown to the electrical storm of Uranus. Luna, who has grown alongside these transformational currents, as well as through the reversals of Mercury Retrograde, brings us to a peak in this activity with her fullness. Culminations, rewards, punishments, endings, and realizations (main themes of Full Moons) are written all over the skies today.

It’s a big time for Mercury who, in addition to ruling the Full Moon in the sign of Virgo, will complete his three week retrograde in the hours of today. Further reversals, surprises, and revelations are possible with Mercury primed at such a pivotal moment. Also here is Neptune’s haze (often deceptive and confusing) casting a strong presence over the Sun, and impressing a mystical and mystifying energy onto the precise, practical inclinations of lunar Virgo.

Behind all of this, Chiron stands squaring the North and South Node. New directions are pointed towards and personal, painful experiences of the past must be faced, redressed, and healed. As old wounds surface, new choices are presented. The swirl of activity in the current cosmic container may feel tumultuous, but order and possibility has its place in it all.


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