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Full Moon in Virgo ~ SACRED MATERIAL ~ February 19, 2019

Tonight we have an extra big, bright Full Moon in the first degree of Virgo, sign of the Virgin. And the sky is lit up with planets in feminine signs. One dreamy bunch find themselves swimming through the mystical territory of Pisces, another cluster travels through the focused and responsibly introverted sign of Capricorn, Mars operates within the slow and sensual devotion of Taurus, and our Moon shines in the sign of the dedicated priestess. Today only Jupiter and Uranus express the active, dynamic force of masculine agency through signs of fire and light.

Mercury, who serves our experience as the planetary conductor in the dimension of the thinking mind is the ruling planet for this Full Moon and one of the bunch traveling through Pisces, Virgo’s opposite sign. Wandering through the dreamy spaces of Pisces, Mercury’s messages carry us into the pondering of existential experience, towards subliminal thought-threads that pull the mind towards a greater understanding of the mystical, the spiritual, and the supernatural.

When the sharp accuracy, organization, and categorization that Mercury experiences in Virgo (Mercury’s sign of rulership and exaltation) transmutes to softer mental processes in Pisces, possibilities for prophetic realization as well as delusional misinterpretation abound. Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune, along with the shadow of his upcoming retrograde, amplifies our experience of watery thought forms, hazy interpretations, and sacred reunion. The presence of the Sun in this sign sends great light through these waters, calls us into the dreamy soup of visionary fishiness, and tells us we are currently in the final weeks of the astrological year.

What does the Virgo Moon do with all of this? How does it reflect this divine light? Virgo offers it the purification necessary for its existence of the Earth plane. It distills these vast energies, organizes them, and takes them through the processes essential for their realization in the material world. To be here in this plane and to be able to hold great expanse of spiritual connection, we must have a refined relationship to the material. Today the Moon invites us into our own process of refinement, of doing the separation necessary for purification in our practices surrounding material reality, our relationship the Earth, our physical selves, and the spaces we inhabit.

With Mercury’s retrograde through Pisces on the way, we will have plenty more opportunity to revise and be surprised in the way of the magical, the mystical, the otherworldly. Limits created by three-dimensional thinking may fall away as the blurred boundaries between reality and imagination take over the definite definitions of the mind. If you have interest in meeting these other realms, in creating through your dream life, discovering divine expression through art, music, or dance, if you long to merge with the mystical, to let your rigid rationalizations fall away, to find meditative bliss, and to uncover your capacity for compassion and spiritual surrender, there is great cosmic energy available now to support of this. The big, bright Virgo Supermoon reminds us of the material integrity required to sustain these vast encounters. In its glow we can feel the great communion between matter and spirit, the truth that we exist for and because of the their dynamic relationship, and that spiritual reality is alive everyday and everywhere throughout our physical, earthly, and ordinary experience.


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