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How does Jupiter radiate through you? What do you know of your personal relationship to this planet and his signs? Do you know that this planet's beneficence oversees the spaces of Pisces and Sagittarius in your own chart? Have you felt how his wisdom shapes your vision, your mystical understanding, your faith and confidence in universal principles, morality and divine order?

Some, more than others, have a strong connection to Jupiter’s energy, a karma which is deeply intertwined with his wisdom, faith and confidence...or his tendencies towards self-indulgence, arrogance and excess. Some may be a little more Saturnian or Mercurial in nature, more charged with the ambitious spirit of Mars, or more loaded with the charms of Venus. And yet, we've all got some of Jupiter’s power and personality within us.

Today, that largess that is Jupiter -the Big Daddy of our solar system- makes a big move. Leaving the comfort of (home turf) Sagittarius for the rugged terrain of Capricorn, Jupiter finds himself in very different surroundings...

There are spaces within the zodiac where Jupiter is most supported to radiate his buoyant, generous confidence, places where his jovial nature and sense of order, wisdom and goodness finds its natural breadth. And there are places where this is not the case. Places where even the King of Gods is not most welcome.

Capricorn is one of these ares.

Expansion is Jupiter’s modus operandi, the method through which he delivers his gifts of buoyancy, abundance and generosity. Jupiter works on us by opening us up, expanding horizons, granting opportunity, offering increase, breadth, and gain. Capricorn, on the other hand, isn’t a perfect setting for the bestowal of these types of blessings. While Jupiter prefers immediate fulfillment, Capricorn is the land of delayed gratification. This is Saturn’s domain. To win here, you must commit to the long game, play within limits, work long hours, cut through red tape, and be tested, again and again.

What is your relationship to Saturn, to his sternness, his no-nonsense attitude? How do you jive with the structured, restrictive approach to development?

With Jupiter joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we have a solid stellium in this sign. There’s a lot going on in this part of the sky. Because it’s Capricorn, we can assume hard work is involved. Saturn has been here (in his sign) since late 2017, sternly reminding us of the task at the hand. And the big contacts Saturn has made in your chart during this time reveal pieces of this.

What big undertakings in your own life are evolving from the Capricorn agenda? What house(s) fall into this space in your chart? If your 3rd House is involved, greater work and responsibility may involve writing or teaching, burdens imposed by siblings, travel around town, negotiations with neighbors, or other experiences in your immediate environment. In your 7th House, the heavy dealings will likely involve others, the integrity of partnerships may be tested, and personal shadows will me mirrored back in close relationships. If Capricorn falls in your 12th house, the harsher realities experienced from the transiting planets may occupy your unconscious mind, your relationship to unseen reality, your invisible, but very real, ego structures and limitations.

While Pluto and South Node are also traveling through Capricorn, we find the interests of other heavenly bodies thrown into the mix. We will continue to be asked to release - even as we work hard to build solid ground - to dig deep, to unearth some nitty gritty truths embedded into structures of our personal lives, and in the hierarchies and systems of our collective reality.

With Jupiter joining the party, be ready to expand and contract. Maybe contract a little more than expand. Be ready to get to work on creating the vision that was bestowed through Jupiter’s time in Sagittarius - and be ready to lose some of the optimism that was granted from his stay in this sign. If you desire the rewards of long term success, integrity, and solid realization, this is the time to go for it, to commit your Jupiterian vision to Saturn’s structure, and let yourself be worked by the earthy tension of Capricorn’s dedication.


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