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Today’s Eclipse involves a slew of potent alignments. The Moon is eclipsed in her own sign of Cancer, in strong opposition to 4 planets (including the looming Saturn-Pluto conjunction), Jupiter sits on the South Node in Capricorn, Mercury is cazimi at the time of the eclipse, and Uranus turns direct just hours later.

Quite an impressive delivery from the heavens...

And what a way to set the tone for 2020, a year which promises to be....well, strongly aligned and delivered.

The significance of internal development is strong in the months which stand before us and is kicked up by the drama of of the planets in the moments of today. We stand in the gateway to a another year, the eclipse awakening us to the direction of 2020, a chapter which involves accelerated of ripening of karma, a time where things are pressured so that they pop, reveal, transform, and manifest.

And so we arrive at the first Full Moon on the new year, eclipsed by the Dragon’s Head with the karmic axis in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Security is up. That loop of past and present, north and south, east and west, the bones, the womb, the structure and the container - these are the core involvements of this eclipse, these very fundamental pieces which are ripe for metamorphosis. With Mercury’s cazimi smack dab in the middle of it all things could definitely pop. That space of beginning and ending (thoroughly part of each and every eclipse) is anointed with the Trickster’s magic and mystery, and the station of Uranus station speaks again to a shifting, a switching, an influence which compels redirection.

This Eclipse says: ready or not, here it comes. More is on the way. With the narrowing focus of the shifting space, opportunities for avoidance become slim. The strength of the bones that hold our individual and collective lives will be tested an much will be revealed.


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