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New Moon in Aquarius ~ WATERS OF THE NEW YEAR ~ February 4, 2019

The New Moon in Aquarius brings a nice bookend to the end of eclipse season. We regain steadiness with this lunar cycle. No cosmic shadows will fall over the face of the coming Full Moon, there are no deviations to the light from the luminaries for many months to come. New Year’s commitments made last month may have been waylaid, interrupted by the fluctuating influences of January, but today’s New Moon, which marks the beginning of Lunar New Year, offers a more abiding point to begin from.

The sky is serious with so many planets (the Sun and Moon included) in signs ruled by Saturn. This may be ideal for the resolutions and visions of the year ahead, at least if they are backed by commitment and hard work. Like Aquarius, Saturn is not here to advance the self, the fulfillment of personal desire, to flatter the ego or soften the hard edges of life. When the light of the Sun shines through this sign, personal greatness becomes tied to the welfare of the group. And the Moon, so personal and impressionable, finds itself immersed in desires for the development of humanity when focused by the intellectual or organizational drives of the Water Bearer. Priorities involved with the advent of this cycle are involved with the functioning of the system, the greater ideal, and the principles for the new way.

With Jupiter we are offered some optimism for this big work. Sextile the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, heat from the fiery reach of Sagittarius opens up this vision, bringing in expansive dreams and ideals for a bright future. But these ideals must be backed with discipline, realism and likely a good deal of sacrifice. Personal realities in the coming year may echo these developments, pushing us to look at our structures, our truths, and our relationship to collective healing.

There is both the need for responsibility to commitments as well as a breaking away from what doesn’t serving the greater good. Aquarius wants to discover what parts of the structure must we remain true to and what must be revolutionized. What traditions must be upheld? What must be preserved? Are we caring and tending to the right things? Where do we need tradition to guide us through unknown territory and where is it upholding what is inevitably meant to fall? These questions will be with us for awhile, especially as we approach the 2020 conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. There is big reckoning around our foundations, around inheritance and the framework of society. Waters for the new life are on the way and they may come like in like a flood, washing away whatever will not serve true communion and the advancements of the future.


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