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New Moon in Leo ~ TIME TO SHINE ~ July 31, 2019

After a month of Mercury’s retrograde discombobulations and the waves brought by eclipse season, is the very sweet - and potentially exciting! - New Moon. She arrives in the sign of Leo, directing attention the playful possibilities found at the beginning of this new lunar cycle.

Intertwined with expressions of tonight’s New Moon is the journey of Venus, currently hidden from view. As Venus travels underworld, we receive the absence of her light as an invitation for an inner journey surrounding her principles: love, beauty, and relationship to earthly abundance. Some transformation is under way for you in at least one of these areas as Venus remains absent from the skies through mid-September. Today, in a fiery conjunction to the New Moon, we reach another another chapter in her underworld adventure.

Mercury’s retrograde ends tonight, within an hour of the precise moment of tonight’s New Moon, and Jupiter stands stationary in his home sign of Sagittarius, primed to move direct on August 8th. A lot of energy is changing directions, but for the moment some things may feel motionless.

Uranus squares the Moon, emphasizing the indications of change that are found with today’s New Moon. Sudden departures are possible, as is a break up of energy involved in the internal movements of Venus and our personal experiences of Leo’s noble expressions.

This is the final chapter of the summer, complete with a different energy, a different pace, a divergent direction to move from. Perhaps a different setting, a change a scenery, or a new relational experience will be explored in this new cycle. Meditations on the sign of Leo are welcomed in the darkness of tonight’s Black Moon. What is your relationship to this sign? To the majestic archetype of the Lion? Where does this light and joy fall in your own chart and where do you sense you are being pointed in the new directions of this New Moon?


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