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NEW MOON in LIBRA ~ September 28, 2019 ~ A BALANCING ACT

Libra season arrived earlier this week, with the Equinox and the balance of day and night announcing the Sun’s movement into the sign of the Scales. Today the Moon joins the Sun at the position of 5° Libra, bringing lunar sensitivities and the corresponding new cycle into this Cardinal Air sign. Fall is here (or Spring, depending on your place on Earth) and initiations for the new season arrive in tune with relationship, communication, and through the development of new positions for balance.

Libra’s balancing act is one which involves constant movement back and forth. Think of the vacillating movement of the scales, the deliberating quality which comes from moving from one side to another, as well as of the stable center which exists in oscillating objects like seesaws and balance scales.

Another aspect of today’s new lunar cycle involves the opposition to Chiron, the deep and intelligent healer of the celestial bodies. The tenderest of our wounds can be understood through our relationship to Chiron as his celestial placement at the time of our birth qualifies our pain, our personal path of healing, and how we offer wisdom to others as a result of our journey with pain.

Chiron is just gaining ground in the sign of Aries, a passage which will drive us to feel and explore pain we have experienced around our ability to be warriors, to fight, to hold the power of masculine energy with honor and wisdom. Lighting up the Moon as he is today, we may feel some triggers of this work, some ways we are being emotionally poked and prodded towards tender realization of wounds around power and in our relational issues.

There’s plenty more happening in yet another Cardinal space of the zodiac, through the recent station of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn at nearly a standstill alongside the South Node may be what some are feeling most through the moments of today’s lunation. This can feel a bit tight, controlled, and, with the co-presence of Ketu, possibly confusing as to what’s being built and what’s being released.

Another season of the year is here and new considerations must be made as the Earth carries us into this portion of her cycle. The planets in Libra, a sign which is highly involved with the task of considering, call us towards deliberations, the motions of diplomatic contemplation, and, possibly into arrivals filled with balance and harmonious understanding. That, at least, is the invitation laid out by today’s Dark Moon and by her growing light over the next two weeks.


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