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New Moon in Pisces ~ BEGINNING WITH THE DREAM ~ March 6, 2019

Last year, in May, a New Moon arrived the same day Uranus entered Taurus. Today, somehow, this happens again. Another New Moon coincides with the big event that is Uranus exiting Aries and landing in Taurus. This time around Uranus will not be backtracking through those final degrees of bold and brash Aries. With today’s ingress Uranus firmly lands into earthy Taurus, feminine sign of the Bull, and will remain here for the next 7 years.

This is certainly a significant new beginning and interestingly presented by this a soft Piscean New Moon held in tight conjunction with Neptune, planet of transcendent influence and hidden connections. Mercury is here too, in the fishy waters of Pisces, just into a time of retrograde through the same mysterious currents which currently pull the Sun and Moon.

If you are one for New Moon intentions, you may find tonight’s practice filled is more of a dreamlike meandering than a ritual of clear and focused direction. You can let yourself flow into this new beginning, be with the waves running through your subtle body and honor the gentle guidance of the heart in your meditations. You may want to dance yourself into this new beginning, using the mystical invitations of the Moon and Neptune to activate your movements and allow yourself to meld into the vibrations of sound. You may want to experience the soft merger of this New Moon by painting, journeying or making love. Any of these receptive, psychically responsive activities will be more cosmically attuned activities than resolute intention setting and focused action at this time.

You may also want to bid goodbye to your journey with Uranus through the sign of Aries by pulling out your journal and feeling into all that has passed through you since 2011. Uranus in Aries was a big wake-up call, a kick in the pants to something (or many things!) that needed to express, to act, to change and grow. Find the place in your chart where this fire was stoked and notice the personal action that was excited in this sign of the Warrior. How have you stepped up to the plate under the wild directions of Uranus?

Recognizing the influence of the cosmos is a practice of appreciation for the subtle realities of the world. It’s a deep bow to the non-separate existence of our lives and a practice of presence in the midst of our ever-changing experience. Tonight’s New Moon moves us more deeply into a cosmically energized Pisces season where these spiritual realities are brought to the forefront, where we are readily available to see into the inter-connections in our lives, the weight of subconscious meanderings and the precious expressions of our soul’s journey. We are in the final weeks of the astrological year, the soupy experience that we find with the Sun in Pisces, before the big awakening of the Spring. Be kind to yourself and to others as we all dissolve into this time, into the swaying sensation of this watery passage before the new year of the cycling Sun arrives on the 20th.


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