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NEW MOON in PISCES ~ February 23, 2019 ~ SUBTLE ENERGIES

Today’s New Moon intentions should be soft and spacious. Movements through this brand new Moon cycle will ebb and flow like the ocean - it’s a better time for dreaming and painting and dancing than for focused ambitions and calculations.

At this point in the solar cycle we rest on the edges of the seasonal sequence, already aware of the awakening around the corner, yet still held in winter’s embrace. Pisces offers the space for the dream-life to be lived, for quietness to be honored, and the creativity of subliminal realities to emerge. Mercury retrograde in Pisces moves us even further into this dimension. The thinking, processing mind is invited to stop and take a look around in a new direction.

As Mars sits with the South Node in Capricorn, we are prompted to release some kind of armor, an outmoded way of pushing through life, a strategy of fighting the world, the belief that gentleness isn’t the answer. Mars is busy in the coming month, making conjunctions to Jupiter and Pluto, and finally Saturn. These activations bring home pieces of the bigger drama that is in play, of what has been unfolding through the passage of the slower moving planets through the sign of Capricorn.

The spring and the corresponding changes in the earthly-cosmic cycle are very near, and we must let ourselves incubate in the quiet moments of the present time. Right now, the dream must be dreamed. We must become vessels for the intangible, for dissolution, and for the enlivening of the moment's subtle vibrations.


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