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NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS ~ December 7, 2018

We’ve had a lot of retrogrades this year. Notably, inner planet retrogrades, which tend to hit hard. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto go retrograde every year, each for over 4 months at a time. Mars and Venus, on the other hand, do not retrograde quite so often. Venus only goes into retrograde every year and a half and Mars only every two years. This year we had both - the Venus retrograde arriving shortly after the Mars retrograde reached its end and Mercury moving retrograde on the same day that Venus stationed direct.

So we’ve been doing a lot of “retro” work. Going back, re-visiting, re-considering and hopefully realizing, releasing and re-committing.

With the New Moon, we close the book on the big retrogrades of 2018.

What has been learned? Have we tilled the field, cleared out the mess, and picked up the forgotten pieces?

Under this New Moon we can take a big breath, soften, honor the heavy lifting we’ve done throughout the year. And we can vision towards the new year that lies on the horizon.

Mars and Neptune (conjunct in Pisces) square this New Moon - a potentially disorienting interaction. This combination may bring the out of the ordinary into our experience. There may be magic in the air, or uncertainty. Spiritual confusion, disappointment, sleepiness, healing, and delicate attunement are all possibilities under this New Moon.

Mercury’s station arrives alongside all of this, bringing changes, something unexpected, as we breathe out the retrogrades of the year. Jupiter is here too, with the Moon in Sagittarius as the new lunar cycle begins, expanding all of these experiences - including the disorientation. Jupiter’s presence also reminds us of the spiritual possibilities that lie within the vagueness and dissolution.

📷: Sagittarius-illustration by Migy illustration via flickr


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