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Today, both the luminaries and the benefic energy of Jupiter send support and possibility through the sign of Sagittarius. Venus has just left the space of the optimistic Archer; she carries these visionary delights into her work through the practical and focused applications of Capricorn. With this past month full of the depths of Scorpio season and Mercury’s retrograde, things may have felt a bit stalled or shadowy, stormy and internally emotional. What personal pieces were revisited and reconsidered through all of this? What clarity emerged out of this obscure passage?

Now, another lunar cycle is upon us and we get to take the redirections received in recent weeks to begin anew. Tonight’s New Moon finds her own way in the sky. She makes no major aspects to other planets and is mostly fueled by the energy of Sagittarius and the co-presence of Jupiter in his own sign. A soft trine to Chiron brings the opportunity for gentle healing and the boosted possibility of transformation harmonized with creative warmth. The advent of this lunar cycle offers good moments to celebrate, to relax, or to get going after the slow-down of the last month. Big and intense energies lie up ahead. Eclipse season will carry us out of this year and into -the next decade!- where we head straight into major alignments of heavy planets. Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn (only a week away) is another shift, a move towards a more serious and focused expression of a naturally buoyant energy.

Right now, as we begin the new move forward, there is plenty of space for the faith and high aims of Sagittarius. It’s the right time to hope, to reach towards grand ideals, to allow for expansion, and to take in a vision which will provide fuel and illumination for the year ahead.


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