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NEW MOON in SCORPIO ~ October 27, 2019 ~ COMING CLOSER

As we begin this year’s journey into the dark cover of Scorpio season, the hidden and unexplored territories of our relationships, psyches, and the pockets of our hearts begin to draw us into their depths. Tonight’s New Moon pulls in a tide of transformational work involved with the emotional experience, it calls us towards feeling things which must be felt.

With the New Moon directly opposite Uranus there’s a relatively dramatic entrance into these deep waters. Intense emotions may be triggered suddenly, surprisingly, and change is stressed as a significant part of the journey through this lunation. The darkness of Scorpio, and of this necromantic time of year, inexorably involves our experience of feeling and of the ways we secure ourselves in the face of emotional exposure.

Under this especially dark Dark Moon, we also find ourselves in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde. It’s an early submergence into things to come, a time which hints at what will be revisited next month. What rocks will Mercury’s retrograde - the psychopomp’s retreat back through the still waters of Scorpio - overturn? We are drawing closer toward intimate territory, into the unseen dynamics involved in our relationship to money and to power, to some ugly truths about ourselves and the way we dance within the shadows of life. Death, spirit, and worlds beyond our own are a bit closer nearby. Can you feel their presence? The thinning of the veil?

Artwork by Shindesida, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license


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