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Uranus works through disruptive processes, bringing about sudden change, revolution and surprise, often as a catalyst for innovation and awakening. From Uranus we are granted access to another dimension, a realm which exists beyond the rules and structures of Saturn. With Uranus currently traveling through the sign of Taurus, we might expect Uranian shake-ups to appear in our physical lives, in our relationship to the Earth and our bodies, involving our experience of what is practical, comfortable, and nourishing.

Taurus aims to offer the gentle, supportive container for life to exist and to thrive, the ground to cultivate what is of value, and the means to appreciate life through the sensual experience. The global pandemic has certainly created change in all of these areas: in our containment of our bodies, comforts and resources, disruptions in the ways we obtain and enjoy food and money, and in creating different models for how we care for ourselves and each other.

Tonight, the New Moon in Taurus peaks in conjunction with Uranus, seeding pieces of this rapidly changing Taurean paradigm. The intimacies and instinctual involvements of the lunar energies are felt at the immediate level when the Moon is touched by outer planet incentives.

The Sun-Moon-Uranus conjunction also lands in a powerful square to Saturn, guardian of three-dimensional reality, of the order, the lessons, and limitations contained within its physical and mental structures. A new world is being churned, organized and disrupted all at once and, somehow, Uranus and Saturn are both working with and against each other to make it happen.

Immediate, personal questions fueled by this square may involve considerations for how we meet the need for physical connection under the current circumstances. For what value we place on the nature of our sensual, embodied selves in the midst of all of this. We may be considering how we balance our physical relationship to life as the world of virtual connections and abstract attentions expand rapidly. Tonight’s New Moon points to a dramatically changing relationship to material life, to the Earth, and to the sustenance we receive from our own planet. There are many directions the path forward may take, for how this Uranian revolution will look for the material world. For those who value the somatic experience, the sensuous relationship to life, to the Earth, and to the body, tonight is the time to plant seeds that honor growth in these directions, cultivating directions forward which will carry the ancient, embodied wisdom along into the future.


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