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NEW MOON in VIRGO ~ SHIFTING GEARS ~ August 30, 2019

Have you been feeling pumped up with Virgo vibrations? Finding the need to get to work, to organize, return to healthier routines, declutter, cleanse, and purify body and spirit? The current Virgo stellium includes the Sun and Moon, Mercury (who mental prowess excels here), Venus (less comfortable in captious Virgo), and Mars (in a very tight conjunction to today’s New Moon).

Virgo season transitions us from the outward extensions of the summer towards a more conservative relationship with time and energy. As the Maiden of the Harvest, Virgo is responsible for managing the bounty yielded by the summer and for the divisions that come along with this process. The success of a productive crop must be managed, separated, divvied up, and stored in preparation for the months ahead. Likewise, the directions we’ve grown and opened towards by virtue of the heat and light of the summer must now be adjusted in the process of our personal harvests. With the wisdom of Virgo, we move into a time of planning and awareness of the details which, when appropriately nurtured, provide a productive structure for life in the cooler months which lie ahead.

The last New Moon received a square from Uranus - the dynamic tension between the stubborn signs of Leo and Taurus - and a big break-up of energy, sudden changes and disruptions within fixed energies of the zodiac. Now, a month later, the Sun and Moon meet in Virgo and find themselves aligned to Uranus again, this time through the gentler relationship of the trining aspect. Movement is available, offered through the compatible exchange between two Earth signs. We may find development through change, originality when it comes to our routine, smoothness in our ability to let go, to revision, and refocus.

With Mars in Virgo, positioned so closely to the New Moon, you can focus on small, important actions. Use your physical energy to take to projects and to those little tasks which have been sitting on your to-do list for far too long. With Mercury here (in sign of both rulership and exaltation) focus and diligence come more easily than usual. Logic reigns, concentration prevails, and information is easily digested and appropriately disseminated. Venus placed in Virgo calls us to tend to beauty through discrimination. Choose wisely what you put into your body, the way you manage the space in your home, how you indulge, spend and receive. Discernment, devotion, and care for the simple aspects of life -Virgo’s gifts- are bestowed quite sweetly under the alignments of this New Moon. These are offerings of a quiet nature, emanations of the precise wisdom of the Virgin Priestess who loves to be honored through careful attendance, devout actions in the physical realm, and reverence towards the material world as a sacred reflection of spirit.


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