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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ January 5, 2018

What have you been doing since Saturn entered Capricorn? Where have you been hard at work?

How have you been touched by Pluto’s deep transformations in this sign over the last 10


Today the Sun and Moon find themselves together in this Capricorn, cradled by Saturn on one side, Pluto and the other. These are two heavy planets, each with solemn agendas in a serious sign, pressing their weightiness against the luminaries. All mixed into the influence of today’s Solar Eclipse.

Capricorn is a sign of big work. It governs the bones of our body and relates to the framework for our collective organization. It holds the task involved in creating structure. Within Capricorn we find the patriarchy, as well as the construction of the new system. We find the strategy and responsibility surrounding order, boundary, function, and discipline. We move into the industriousness and the responsibility involved in what we are called to establish.

Capricorn is also a feminine sign, an introverted, receptive sign that understands the the process of waiting and the necessity of allowing.

Perhaps today’s Solar Eclipse is a piece that has been waited for.

Eclipses are mysterious. They operate with both subtlety and dramatic flair and its nearly impossible to know how and what they will manifest. Eclipses are revelations of shadow and eruptions of latent energies which exist beneath the surface. They are breaks in a cycle, involved with complex timing and patterns, bizarre initiations and esoteric catalysts.

With the smattering of planets in Capricorn placed alongside the South Node in today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, there’s a strong potential for big release. Cracks in our structures may be revealed and what is wobbly may come undone - or be set up to topple somewhere down the line. This eclipse may give you more information, a peek at a missing piece, or a push towards a new direction. It may wipe something out, revealing an absence that you haven’t faced. Or you may feel nothing at all. Such is the way of the mysterious eclipse.

Relax and allow. Offer yourself gentle care to balance the coldness the Moon receives in the hard landscape of Capricorn. Don't do too much. These are the best practices under the shadowy moments and mysteries of our lunar-solar cycles.


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