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One retrograde ends as another begins...

Tomorrow, hours after Venus stops to turn direct, another inner planet - Mercury - stations to begin the trip backwards in the sign of Sagittarius.

Thriving in times of Mercury retrograde is all approach. The attitudes you hold towards the veiled messages of your subconscious mind will tell you a lot about how your relate to the archetype of Mercury and, in particular, his times of retrograde.

Can you accept the overall non-linear processes provided by life to help you grow? That show up to give you a reflection of your blindspots and offer the ego a chance to become less reactive, less rigid, less certain of its own absolute truth?

Because Mercury is the messenger, the god of our communication centers, and our conscious and unconscious ideas, these are the areas that are primed for a turn-around during his time of retrograde. These are also the areas he shows up during the rest of year...the dance is just a little different when his direction has changed. During Mercury’s retrograde, a particular barrier to the mental underworld is loosened. This breaks up the stagnancy in our thinking, gets us out of the box, unstuck from the ruts, exposes our flaws, our blindspots, our messiness, and, sometimes, creates a bit of chaos in the linear trajectory of our lives.

And, with the ability to relax, the willingness to step way back while simultaneously re-focusing, you may discover Mercury retrograde can be a time of much productivity and benefit!

Great things to do during Mercury retrograde: •be open-minded to the out-of-the-ordinary •pay attention to your dreams •go back to unfinished projects •journal •brainstorm •be creative •double-check your work (especially your words)

•clean & re-organize •re-develop your vision •re-arrange your furniture •clear up an old issue •take a look at what’s working and fine-tune what’s not


Avoid jumping the gun on making major decisions, especially in new situations, but don’t become paralyzed into inaction because of all the Mercury Retrograde Warnings. Relax, get curious, and bring a little openness into the creative process of this retrograde.


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