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Our Christmas season eclipse falls in the sign of Capricorn, currently inundated by planetary energy. The darkening on the Sun’s power in this sign and the following reemergence of its light, sets the stage for a new year which involves a vast reconstruction of the relationship to the Capricorn archetype.

Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) continues to draw closer to Pluto, intensifying the field which will seed this potent planetary alignment and the new cycle which begins as a result. The eclipse’s of the season, the merger of Saturn and Pluto (exact on January 12), and the solar conjunctions made by Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto over the next few weeks are all points of inception, each one involving the dance of light and shadow through a landscape heavy with Capricorn’s weight and wisdom.

Jupiter’s tight conjunction to the New Moon eclipse further points to and potentiates the impact of its starting point and the power (or pressure) of release through this portal. Jupiter’s cazimi falls only a day and half after the Sun’s eclipse, bringing his wisdom and light into union with a solar power embedded with with the qualities of both newness and release.

The multidimensional edges of this eclipse are manifold. We are initiated into the experiences of this new year, compelled to take the first steps into territory on its way for massive reconstruction. The cracks and crumbles which come along with this process, the disintegrations and declines which we must face along the way can all be received as solid efforts for longterm integrity.


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